David Julian Gray, musician, presents:
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Wild and Authentic Modern Klezmer Music
featuring David Julian Gray, Wendy Morrison and Richard Seidel

Klezcentricity looking natty -four to six piece ensembles 
also available


PURIM(ish) at the Star and Shamrock

SUNDAY - MARCH 16, 2014 ~ 9PM - 11PM
1341 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Chanukah Feast CD for Hungry For Music
and Chanukah Feast Volume II featuring the Klezcentricity original "Ballad of Chanukah"!

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all recordings (p) David J. Gray 2002

about founder David Julian Gray:
"David Julian Gray wails and sways with positive panache."
Brad Hathaway, Potomac Stages "I love to watch him pour his soul out...he's far beyond good.
He's incredible."

Ari Davidow, editor/publisher/webmaster: The Klezmer Shack

For booking info on KLEZCENTRICITY - Wild and authentic Yiddishe American Music
The Jewish Wedding Band for the 57th Century!
call: 301-589-4847
or or write us via: band 'at' klezcentricity 'dot' com